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FileMaker integration with Adobe LiveCycle ES

Question asked by CharlieMaitland on Sep 27, 2011


FileMaker integration with Adobe LiveCycle ES




Since FileMaker has not provided the option to "Save as PDF" with a Digital Certificate I am now looking for a workable solution for integrating FileMaker with Adobe LiveCycle ES.  This is Adobe's platform for managing powerful add-on features such as Document Rights Management, Document Security, and Document Authenticity.

Can anyone suggest a good place to start other than Adobe?  The main features that I need to attach to all of my PDF documents from FileMaker are: (CA Verifiable) Digital Certificates, active URL links embedded in the PDF, and Expiration of Document Content.

The workflow process would be,

1. Generate the document in Filemaker

2. Send the PDF document to the Adobe LiveCycle ES server pre-configured with my company's secure certificate and document content set to expire in 35 days

3. Save the new secure document to a Web Server location on my network that is accessible via an HTTP URL generated in my FileMaker document management solution

This will accomplish a few things. First, the PDF file size will be smaller. Second, the PDF can now be distributed with some level of confidence that it can be trusted to open as an attachment on another network domain. Third, I don't have to worry about users accessing out-dated information.

In outline form this is simple, but implementing this may be expensive.  If FileMaker or the FileMaker community has some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


Best Regards,

Charlie M.