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    Filemaker Inventory Database Screencast



      Filemaker Inventory Database Screencast


           For those struggling with a way to create an Inventory Database. Here is a comprehensive beginner screencast that takes you along the entire process of creating an Inventory Database.

           We'll create tables and layouts for Products, Sales and Purchaces. We'll be able to track our stock and see exactly how much we have in stock of a certain item.

           And when we do a count of our stock we will be able to make correctins when the stock doesn't match with what we see in our database.


           Filemaker file included:





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          Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing this.


          One question: in my case I sell products individually and I also sell bundles of products that have different prices as their individual prices, example: an orange for $1, an apple for $1.2, a package of 2 oranges and 2 apples for $3.


          I wonder how to create this kind of product 'packages' and how to relate the inventory. Do I need to create a new related table for the 'package' ? Or maybe you have other tips?


          Thanks a lot!

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            I think I would create a product that would be named so that you know it's a package or bundle.

            Then I would use a Join table that allows you to join multiple other products to this one product.

            I have video's on my youtube channel about join tables.

            Then when you add products to your invoice, you could have a script trigger run a script.

            This script needs to check if this is a package product or not. (It can check if there are any join records)

            If it is a package the script can then add all the related products that are in the join table to the invoice.

            You might want to group these products together so it's clear that they are part of a package.


            I have never built a system like this, but off the top of my head, that's what I would try.




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              Will check your suggestion. Thanks a lot!