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    FIlemaker is crashing



      FIlemaker is crashing


       Hello everyone...can you help me with my problem. evrytime that I will edit my table then clicking okey my filemaker always says.."Filemaker Pro Advanced stop working correctly windows will close the program ...........any ideas? thank you very much in advance.



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          Troubleshooting crashes in a single application and a single document.

          Create a NEW database with similar fields, maybe import data and test.
          If the crash does not occur with a NEW database, it may indicate the problem database is corrupt.
          Operating System is okay.
          User Account is okay.
          Application is okay.
          Document is corrupt. (structure, layout, or other element)
          Open one of your last saved versions of the database and import the current data and test.

          OR - Save the database as Smaller, then Save the database as Clone (no records).
          Import the data from the problem database into the saved Smaller and saved Clone. Test.


          If the NEW database (or saved clone) exhibits similar problems.
          Operating System is okay.
          User Account is okay.
          Application may be corrupt.
          Document status is unknown.
          Reinstall Filemaker Pro Advanced.

          IF you do not save your database as you change or use it, you can try Recovery.
          Not the best option to use, Backup is highly recommended.

          Google "filemaker recover"