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Filemaker issue with Yosemite

Question asked by RickRobbins on Jan 7, 2015
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Filemaker issue with Yosemite


My users have just upgraded to Yosemite.  They are using multiple monitors and often switch between the filemaker database and other programs such as apple mail.  When they move to another program the filemaker windows go grey as they are not in focus as to be expected.  When they move the cursor back, it seems that Yosemite allows the user to access the red,orange and green buttons to close, minimise or expand the window without the window being active.  If you close a filemaker window without first activating it, the other open filemaker windows cannot be made active again forcing the users to quit the application and re-open it.  

I am not sure if anyone has seen this issue to date but I would be very grateful if someone has a solution as it is driving my users crazy (the always have multiple windows open and constantly work with filemaker, apple mail, and adobe reader).