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Filemaker keeps losing connection to shared database

Question asked by Marnix on Nov 30, 2009
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Filemaker keeps losing connection to shared database


Filemaker version: Filemaker Pro 10


Short situation description:

I administer a small office's database. We use a commercial ADSL connection to connect to the internet (4mb down, 768kb up). We run Filemaker on a small 'server' to share a database on the local LAN to 3 other computers. The database is quite small and not very performance heavy. It works flawlessly on the local LAN.



To assist one of our employees with working from home or other locations on a laptop I have set up the server to share the database on the internet (port forwarded properly from the ADSL modem to the server). It all works except that the laptop keeps losing the connection to the database constantly. 


I have checked the laptop's settings and it can browse the internet normally and download at good speeds. Even when I download something in the background for testing while using Filemaker to connect, the download proceeds normally while Filemaker disconnects. 


The laptop is used both wireless and wired from the other location. It runs Windows Vista, Comodo firewall, AVG Free and nothing else. It used purely for Filemaker.


Sometimes I can work with the database over the internet for a long time before it gives a disconnect, sometimes it disconnects as soon as I log in. 


Things I've already done:

* Basic network diagnosis (checking cables, server software/connection, etc., the local LAN is working fine and we've never had these disconnect problems locally).

* Internet connection check (phoned my provider, etc., but we've never had problems with it before and we can mail/download without problems).

* Unchecked the 'disconnect if idle' option in the privilege set

* Tested with another laptop and another wireless/wired connection (problem persists)

* Plugged the laptop into our local LAN (which makes it work flawlessly).

* Tried it from my home computer which is wired into my private ADSL connection (also gives erratic disconnects)

* Read up on Vista having problems with DHCP on some older modems/connections and implemented the registry fixes therein (didn't help).



I'm a bit at wit's end here and hope the community can help.