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    Filemaker Keychain management mac osx 5



      Filemaker Keychain management mac osx 5


      Hi all, whenever I open Filemaker Pro Advanvce 11, it keeps asking me to enter password even if I clicked on "remember password on the keychain". I've checked my mac keychain and added keychain access to the files but it is still not working... I don't know if it's the problem of my mac osx 5 or my filemaker pro advanced 11... it's been really frustrating.. I'd be really grateful if anybody can give me some insights. Thanks!

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          "added keychain access to the files" ?

          Not sure what you mean to say.

          "mac osx 5"? Do you mean 10.5?

          If you've selected "Add to Keychain" or whatever the exact wording is, then the password will be remembered. Open Keychain Access, find the entry for your file. Double click it and check "Show Password" then enter your Keychain password (likely the same as your account login password) and see if the password is what you think it is. If it's not, then the password Keychain has registered is not correct. Perhaps you've changed it since originally checking the Remember Me box? In any case, you seem to know the password. Keychain doesn't.


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            I am having the same issue.  No matter how many times I hit "add to keychain" it never remembers.  I have tried deleting all the filemaker items from the keychain, it creates new items but they don't work.

            So, the process is, I open a remote file, it asks me for the password.  I put in the user and password and check "remember this password in keychain".  It opens up.  Next time i start filemaker, there it is, the same file, in recent files.  I click on it - it does not fill in the username or password for me.

            Keychain doesn't seem to be working with current FMP Advance 11.  Or there is some corruption in a file I can't find.

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              See the thread "11 Pro v4 and OSX keychain" in TechNet Forum.

              I am also having a similar issue. I updated to 11v4 (Pro and Advanced) in August 2011 and at the time I was running Leopard OSX 10.5. Everything worked fine. In late October I upgraded OSX to Snow Leopard 10.6. Since that update FileMaker Pro 11v4 would not obtain keychain credentials that had been working before. If I tried to add FMP11v4 to the list of apps for a keychain password using Keychain Utility on the Access Control tab, I could select the application but it would not get added to the list of apps. Other FMP versions would.

              I removed then re-installed FMP11v2 and upgraded to v4 (did not go through v3 update) twice but this did not fix the problem. My workaround has been to re-install and upgrade only as far as v3.

              I have many versions of FMP on my machine from 7-11, Pro and Advanced.