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Filemaker Layout Parts

Question asked by RichardScales on Jan 30, 2014
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Filemaker Layout Parts



     I want to produce a report that emulates a piece of printer paper with logos and footers.

     I have a header, body part, trailing grand summary and footer. That all works as I would expect.

     I am trying to 'emulate' a piece of letterhead which has two coloured lines running down the extreme right hand side of the page.

     I can add those lines in all the above named parts and where those parts are printed, the lines appear, perfect.

     The problem comes where there is space between the trailing grand summary and the footer parts. As there is no actual part being printed, no lines appear so my two vertical lines down the rhs of the page have a gap. A gap which varies on length according to the number of lines in the report.

     Is there some other part that I can put in here to 'fill' the gap or perhaps some special trick I can employ on the existing parts so that I can achieve my objective?