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    Filemaker Licences - Doubts



      Filemaker Licences - Doubts


      I am considering various tools for rapid development (rad), and I have some doubts about the types of licensing Filemaker.

      1. Can I build an application to be used in a network? (I know Filemaker pro with less than 10 clients and FileMaker Server + 10 clients...).

      2. There is no runtime fees?

      3. If i compile an application for use on the Web that are associated fees? (For example, use by more than 20 clients).


      Many Thanks


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          You can build a Filemaker file that can be used by multiple users on a network.  One computer will act as the host, and all other users will be guests of that hosted file.  The host and each user must have a copy of Filemaker Client (currently at version 12).  That arrangement will host up to 9 simultaneous guests.  If you want to host more guests the host must use Filemaker Server software.

          If you buy Filemaker Advanced you can create runtime versions.  These are free of license fees.  However they have some minor limitations, and cannot be hosted-and-shared.

          You can host your file on the web and users can access it from a web-browser, without them having a copy of Filemaker Client.  However there are restrictions to the number of users that can access it if you host it with Filemaker Client.  To remove that restriction you have to host it using Filemaker Server Advanced.

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            Many thanks!

            After reviewing several tools, I think development costs with filemaker are beyond my expectations. Windev seems to me the right tool.