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FileMaker Licenses - Question

Question asked by pauhana658 on Aug 12, 2012
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FileMaker Licenses - Question


Nearing the end of the trial period, and I've decided to purchase FileMaker Pro. But which version? Standard or Advanced? My needs are simple: One database, two desktop computers (iMacs), two users (me and the wife). Both of use also have iPads with FileMaker Go 12. There may be MacBook Airs involved later. Both of us need to access the one database, which will be hosted on my iMac. 

Near as I can tell, I need to purchase two copies of FileMaker Pro 12 standard edition, one for each computer/user, which seems silly, as I'm the only one doing any development, but there seems to be no standalone client available.  FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced can create standalone applications, but it is not clear if my wife can access the database hosted on my computer using the standalone client, or if she can only use the standalone client to manage her own data separately from mine. 

Apparently, up to 5 iPads with FileMaker Go can be used to access the hosted database. I suppose the wife could use her iPad to access the hosted database. That way, I could get a single copy of FileMaker Pro 12 standard edition. But that would be slightly inconvenient for her, and a big reason for developing our database is to make things as easy as possible for her. 

A Server version is definitely over-kill for our purposes, and apparently STILL requires copies of FileMaker on each computer. That is going to be very expensive, especially if MacBook Airs become involved later. We're just two people running a small business out of our home. 

Any recommendations, anybody? What is the cheapest I can get away with? What is the most convenient?