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    FileMaker Needs To Clone It's Container Field


      FileMaker Needs To Clone It's Container Field


      WHY ? is Preview App showing my Images and not FileMaker ?




      Dear Forum and Architects of FileMaker,


      There is REALLY SOMETHINGS WRONG with the developments of FileMaker's Container fields ! Period !


      i have spend an entire week searching many forums and Googling for trying to find only the simple basic simplicities of FileMaker's container fields — for understanding Her Container Field Foundation — for simply knowing 'how' and "where" to implement the best container field having the most basic fundamental simplicity and efficiency !!


      i say there is something wrong revolving around FileMaker's Container Field ?  Does the FileMaker Community realize all the colossal mountain heaps of post; questions; explanations; manuals; blueprints and  'How To' deal with the current Container. The internet community is flooded with FileMaker's Container Dilemma — "the container field that has evolved to having so many over whelming options and all Her container options are spread out accessed from various locations within Her application !!!




      Trying to shift through all the mountains of information ... trying to make sense for knowing which is the best way to go whats my best option for simplicity and efficiency .. i am forced to read tons of information and manuals just for trying to make sense of Her Raw Basic structure !! --






      Actually i consider myself a newbe dumie when it comes to container fields cause ever since FileMaker began i never wanted to mess around / touch container fields in any of my Solutions.


      Over countless years with FileMaker ever since She was just Claris, i've learned Her best intellectual path is just keep seeking FileMaker's basic simplicities and stay with that because She will keep evolving anyway. FileMaker can lead you down long long long roads and weeks months years on the wrong path !!


      i m finding myself having to read over tons of information about how to have FileMaker's container field linked to external files and interact with them fearing the worse that its going to lead me all down the wrong road !! i am on Mac OS and was on Friendly FileMaker Advance 12 and i am not relating to any iOS devices.






      What is all this ? Everybody talks about external file references. But it seems to be all about leaving FileMaker environment ?? you can do that with apple scripts ? Open external applications where it was created.




      Isn't this counter productive, the user having to leave the FileMaker environment for entering another window another application ?


      FileMaker opens movies and sounds within its own environment and it does so without any external application ?




      - so why not other files especially images, and again, Just like iOS iPhone Camera Roll you can click on any thumbnails and you get a full size image.


      what does FileMaker's thumbnails really mean ? Is this saying .. that one can insert in any way, any full size image and FileMaker will reduce the pixel to a thumbnail bits ? Or does the full size image have to reside in another location ?


      The long road i been on for understanding FileMakers container used in file referencing really means one has to leaving their FileMaker environment for doing anything with the file thats been referenced ?


      i did not come long years evolving a FileMaker Solution to find out container fields efficiency forces me out of the FileMaker environment. --


      i seek to have scripting so when simply accessing my thumbnail file references, it will make the images pop up, in their full size, in a larger container field ! don't even tell me FileMaker cannot do this ?


      And i always though if i had an image file reference, means.. theres nothing there!! no image ! only a text references is store to be seen!! And this sounds great ! Really a reduction in size !! So i guess then this is what i want .. to simply have my Mac OS desktop create a all new folder and simpy store all my photos there on the desktop.


      So in FileMaker my containers can simply have a text file reference. which my scripts would activate to open the full size image in another larger container ? but then using only text file reference i wouldn't have any thumbnail images. So i guess thats the way it goes ? one has two choices ? -


      if there is two choices then that means different file sizes ?????




      To me FileMaker is a esoteric component for advancing earth computers and i would hate to see Her — THIS FINE INTERNAL ENGINE GO THE WRONG DIRECTION. thank you for your time,




      robert 'jesus Land Tidd' lewis

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               Dragging a file to the container field is the same as doing Insert Picture from the Insert menu, but without "store a reference' selected.

               Clicking a container field won't do anything to a container field except give it the focus unless it was set up as a button or set up with the onObjectEnter script trigger. Did you double click the container field?

               FileMaker opens any file from a container field just as though you had found that file on your desktop and double-clicked it directly. It uses whatever application is specified in the OS as the default application for that file type to open the file and "Preview" is such an application.


                    i have one file that is my photo library called PictureSOURCE thats much too big. ||||| i not find any "HOW TO" simply put all the photos into a desktop folder. So that my large photo library only contains 1- pin nail previews along with their 2- file reference to this desktop folder. ||||| i guess i am not writing the file path correctly to the empty desktop folder ?

               I can't tell from that description what you did so cannot tell you what went wrong. You can use Import Records | Folder to import all the image files or text files in a given folder into separate records of a field you specify in your database. And you can specify "by reference" for these if you want that option.

               Two more important details: 1) Please let us know if you are using FileMaker 12 or not. FileMaker 12 added quite a few new features for container fields not found in earlier versions.  2) The "run all together" look of your first post and the refernce to an iPhone suggests that you may be trying to use Filemaker on an iPad or iPhone. Please let us know if this is the case as it can make a significant difference in how you work with image files in a container field. And there is a special section (see tabs at top of this screen) for posting quesitons about FileMaker Go--the version used on iOS devices.

               And I recommend Not using an iOS device to post messages to this forum. Regrettably, the posted text is not properly formatted and makes for posts that are very difficult for others to read.

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            this post response was edited revised merged with origional post due to the system removing carriage returns an unknown bug.
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               i not know why my post are showing not any of my carriage returns ?




              i am having to type them in myself using code /p/p .

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                     What browser are you using? Are you  using an iPad or iPhone to post your messages? Sadly, the iOS version of Safari doesn't work well with this forum.

                     Did you read my last post?

                     Do you want help or do you just want to complain?

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                   Thank you !!    And for letting me vent !! this time i turned on my enabled java and enabled plugins and enable javascript maybe one of those turned off messed it up ? first i need  to   confirmed  (1).. "when   designating   a  container  field  for  thumbnails   does  this  mean  one  can  insert  in  any  way  a  large  size  image  and  FileMaker  will  automatically    reduce   the pixels  down to  thumbnails"  ?  Or  does using  thumbnails mean  one has to use an external file  for storing the origional size ? (2) can the  file  size be  radically  reduced,   if   large  pixel  images   are simply  put   into   small   mini   container  fields   ? i use to post from iPad and iPhone but that was months ago!!  i now return months later herein posting from   my  Mac Book  Pro FileMaker Advance 12  and  not  want  to  load  a rather   large photo file  onto  this machine  into  containers  improperly.  thank you ( lost in manuals ). thanks again ! hope this time i have carriage returns ?
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                         1) In what context are you "designating a container field for thumbnails"? Is this for when you use Import Records | Folder and you select a container field for the thumbnail? If so, you have no input on what resolution, etc is used to create/enter that image file as far as I know. Container fields designated for external storage does, as far as I can tell automatically create and store a second image file used as the thumbnail. Thumbnails can be disabled in Manage | Thumbnails. Unfortunately, this disables thumbnails for the entire file when it would be nice in some solutions to disable thumbnails for just a specific container field. (Disabling thumbnails improves the quality of images in container fields when printing.)

                         2) FileMaker does not resample images or compress them. You'd need to use a different app to resample the image before inserting it into FileMaker. There may be a third party application that can allow you to modify the image after inserting/importing it into a container field.

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                      thank you !!   not initiated any solutions yet cause trying to figure out best way to go. i think you have me nearly there.  by the way any explainations why my post run together with no carriage returns ?  again i am not on any iOS. Just MAc with Safari browser.
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                             From what you have posted, I think this was due to not having Java working with your browser, but that's merely a guess as I use neither Macs nor Safari.