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Filemaker Network Auto Open?

Question asked by AnswerFeedback_6 on Apr 2, 2013
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Filemaker Network Auto Open?


     Hey Guys,

     I'm trying to set the office computers up with a bit more automation in place at the moment, to help minimise human error. What i'm trying to have happen is the computer auto starts, then logs into the Filemaker user account, and opens a file that can then be shared to the network.

     I've got everything done except the very last part, i've written a batch file to open the filemaker file, however, when this file opens, a dialog box pops up asking whether i want to 'Open Without Sharing' or 'Open' or 'Cancel'. I'm wondering whether there is a way to automatically select 'Open'. I could download an automatic clicking program and time it to click when the file opens, wait a minute to make sure the dialog box is up and then set it to click, but i'd really rather not do that.


     TL;DR - Is it possible to select 'Open' when opening a .fmp12 file? (so it is shared on the network).

     Hope to hera from you guys soon,