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Filemaker Network to Share a File

Question asked by dont88_1 on May 12, 2009
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Filemaker Network to Share a File


I've checked the site for info on sharing over a Filemaker Network, but still have questions.


I'm setting up a one time use database using two Vista notebook computers to enter registration information for an event. I am using a Belkin wireless router for my network and it will not need to be connected to the internet. Everything works fine when sharing this file at home using a combination of two Macs and my Windows Vista laptop. The host computer is also set to share the file. But, when I try to connect a second Windows vista laptop to my Windows Vista laptop, one using Filemaker Pro 10 and the other using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced I have problems. All sharing is set properly on the host and the remote computer can see the host in the left column, but the shared file does not appear in the right column (again, sharing is set properly since it works okay at home.) I've found comments in this forum about firewalls, matching workgroup names, etc. Do these setup suggestions still apply even after the computer shows up in the "Host" list or are they only of concern if the host does not appear in the Host list? Any suggestions on how to correct this problem and share this file?