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filemaker network will not start

Question asked by MikeDunglinson on May 22, 2010


filemaker network will not start


Filemaker 10 Win7 Pier to Pier network 7 computers win7 32bit


The main computer is powered with 2 filemaker applications (files)  running all of the time. But when the workstations are shut down at night

they will not find the applications (file not found) when using the open remote command the next morning. This is consistent and happens every morning.

I also find by the way that the worksations are very "iffy" sometimes when asked to show the available files in the open remote box. sometimes they do and sometimes they do not.


We are having to re-start the the main computer every morning. When this is done the worksations find the remote files no bother, although if the remote files do not show

in the dialogue box the command is entered manually  naming the file and this also works fine.


All other network facilities are normal and do not suffer from this problem so I believe it is soly an FMNET problem.


Any help or pointers to a fix would be greatly appreciated.


I have made sure the network card is not going to sleep in the main unit