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Filemaker newbie - export and line breaks

Question asked by kkambestad on Jan 6, 2010
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Filemaker newbie - export and line breaks



I have FimeMaker Pro10 on Vista, and have a database that I will make an export routine for. Have tried csv, tab separated files and excel. The problem is line breaks, which the database creator is using in a few fields. is there anywhere I can control how the breaks are being handled in exports?


And another question, (yes I AM a filemaker newbie..), when I go from list view to table view, I can't see all my fields - I don't quite see what the cause is. Is there a limit to how many fields are shown in table view? Does the app. make some sort of "page break" so one sees only a few of them?


Thankful for all hints!


- Kjersti