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Filemaker newbie needs help quick!!

Question asked by andybroom on Aug 6, 2009
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Filemaker newbie needs help quick!!


Sorry to ask what is probably a dumb question but I need to make a database in FMP urgently for use on Monday!


I can set up the database and (in fact ) import an access database into it, no problem.


But I need to set up the equivalent of an Access form (plus a query in fact) to enable input to the database as follows: 


Database has two tables:










Table_1 has a one to many relationship with Table_2 based on Equipment_id.


What I need to be able to do is to input an equipment_id which then reports back the Description and enables me to set up a new record in table_2 with the test results


There are about 600 items in table_1 with about 1200 entries to be done in Table_2. (Table_2 also has the last 5 years worth of results in but that doesn't really matter for Monday! - I have a lot more time to think about report generating).


Any ideas?


Thanks very much!!!