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Filemaker Newbie...needs help

Question asked by jmiyake_forex on Mar 4, 2010
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Filemaker Newbie...needs help


Hi everyone,


I just purchased Filemaker pro advanced 10


I need help on something guys, and I would appreciate any help...


It looks like this, I made a table with the following fields; Product List(name of the product), Price1(original price from the manufacturer), Price2(my selling price to my clients).


the problem is, when I want to make a purchase order to the manufacturer, I would like to make it something like this...

1.) for example I would like to order a certain item from my product list table, can it be possible that at the first keystroke (ex. letter "S"), all items starting with letter "S" would show up in the field box just like when you do a search on google.


2.)when I choose the right item, Price1 (original price) of the chosen item would also be shown


At the moment, here are the steps that I have used and sad to say I am stuck...

I have created a product list database and I have modified the purchase order template which uses line items...