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FileMaker not printing lines / shrinks text

Question asked by dpadelli on Feb 8, 2010


FileMaker not printing lines / shrinks text & layout in web browser


Good morning all,


I currently have a database which staff at work access using Instant Web Publishing through Internet Explorer.


The problem I am having is that when reports are printed from IWP in Internet Explorer, no lines are printed, text is shrunk down, buttons which are scripted to not print are printing, and the entire layout is shrunk so that it does not fit the entire page as it does when printed directly from the FMP client.


On a single page layout, I have created "boxes" with data inside of them, and then have free-form lines which divide segments of information. The "boxes" themselves print, along with the [smaller] text inside of them, however the lines which are supposed to divide the text do not print.


I would like the printouts from IWP to appear exactly as they do when printed from FMP client. Is this possible? I have several other databases which do not have any problems with printed appearance when printed from IWP. I have cross-referenced all layout settings and do not see anything that would reference something like this.