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FileMaker not seeing correct data through DSN

Question asked by user15487 on Oct 25, 2011


FileMaker not seeing correct data through DSN


I am attempting to creat a test FileMaker database that connects to a test SQL database. I have replicates the SQL_live data as well as the FM_live database. The SQL db is called SQL_test FM database. is called FM_test. The DSN in the FM database has the SAME NAME as before, but now points to the SQL_test database.

Are there more steps to perform for Filemaker to be truly using the SQL_test data? I found that as I created a mock order, the SQL_live data was also updated, so it seems that I am still looking at the SQL_live data rather than the SQL_test data. I also found that the tables in the Reltionship screen seem to be OK, but when I double-click a table, the table is not selected be default like it does with the FM_live. Meaning, when I double-click the table, the datasource is correct, but the table is not selected. It's as if it is still looking for the SQL_live data, but not fiding the correct datasource. Since the DSN is pointing to the SQL_test, do I have to double-click each table and reselect the correct table it from the datasource list in order for SQL_test data to come over? If that is the case, will I have to do this for all of tables in the relationships screen? We have hundreds. Is there a tool that will do that for me?


Any help regarding this will be much appreciated!