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Filemaker ODBC API

Question asked by jfalberg on Jul 31, 2014


Filemaker ODBC API


     I have a .net application in c# that uses Filemaker ODBC references to 4 databases hosted on the network's Filemaker server.  What I hope to accomplish is a gui where I can just enter the target ODBC name and database and it will create the ODBC System DSN Data Sources in a user friendly way per workstation where application executes from for setup purposes, unless there's perhaps a better way of handling this.

     Are there any specific API's and/or examples available that can help me with this?  Keeping in mind that each filemaker server location will indeed have different network IP addresses.

     In my coding, I am using the following example for existing odbc:

            string OdbcString = "DSN=" + OdbcFile + ";UID=" + OdbcUserID + ";PWD=" + OdbcPassWD;
            connData = new OdbcConnection(OdbcString);