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FileMaker Odbc Issues, memory

Question asked by jfalberg on Aug 16, 2013


FileMaker Odbc Issues, memory


     I am encountering a major problem with my Visual Studio .net c# development where I'm using Filemaker as a database back-end as the application seems to crash often and suspect there to be memory leaks and such.  One thing that I'm concerned which I read about was the following from

"Please make sure that you do not have a SELECT statement with more than 170 fields or an UPDATE statement containing more than 100 fields."

     The main table I am using presently contains 142 fields and the 2 times I use a select statement for that table is to copy its contents to an archive table such as:

                string cmdend = " where DocumentFileControlID=" + iQuote(tkt_no);
                cmdstr = "INSERT INTO ETicketArchive SELECT * FROM ETickets" + cmdend;

     and when I retrieve a record so I can populate my form using a similar SQL as above except for the inserting portion.

     What's the best way I can proceed with my application without further crashing?  I was thinking one option was to keep my connection open at all times or something at least.