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Filemaker over 3G and a VPN

Question asked by Absols on Oct 20, 2009
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Filemaker over 3G and a VPN


FileMaker Pro 10Client PCs: XP Service Pack 3, 2 GB Ram


FileMaker Server 10Server: SBS 2003, 4 GB Ram intel xeon


All have latest service packs\updates (os and filemaker)


I have no experience with Filemaker (I’m just the poor network tech told to get it to work)


The database only shared over the local network.



We currently have two laptops (Client PC's Spec) used by Project Mangers.

They use the laptops on site visits to do surveys.

They return to the office at least one a day.

They want to enter the data whist doing the survey.

This would save many hours typing the data into Filemaker.


They are trying to connect to a Filemaker database via 3G connection over a VPN. 

The VPN works file, Filemaker is very slow and we have had reports of lost data.  

(I.E inputted data into a form, lost connection, regained connection. The previously created data could not be found.)


My questions are:

1.       Is they a way to optimize the database to work better over the VPN?


2.       If so how?


3.       If not could the database be published to the web.

           If it was, could the Project Managers access the databases user

           interface as though they were accessing from their Filemaker pro apps?


4.       Would Remote Desktop\Terminal Services be better?


5.       Is there another way to connect, other than the three I’ve suggested,

           can Filemaker work with a local database then sync when connected to the LAN in the office?


Any help or advice would be great.