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FileMaker Over WEB

Question asked by applelakshan1 on Jun 1, 2011
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FileMaker Over WEB


Hi, I am developing Web Application using FileMaker, I am having problem with Script triggers.

In my Solution i have option called letter creating acording to the number which i enter. lets say if i enter "3" in to test_style field, so the test body will  fill up the text part i predefined to "text 3" in filemaker i run this via script. But i canot run the script via web. So what i did, i asing the sctipt to script triggers on field, so now i dont have to run the script manually, i just edit the text of text_style , But for some reason i dont see the script trigger work from filemaker end. this happen only i send the command from web. but i f i do the same task from filemaker script trigger works.

Using this link you can download the screen cast.

any ideas, Thanks in advance