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    FileMaker Over WEB



      FileMaker Over WEB


      Hi, I am developing Web Application using FileMaker, I am having problem with Script triggers.

      In my Solution i have option called letter creating acording to the number which i enter. lets say if i enter "3" in to test_style field, so the test body will  fill up the text part i predefined to "text 3" in filemaker i run this via script. But i canot run the script via web. So what i did, i asing the sctipt to script triggers on field, so now i dont have to run the script manually, i just edit the text of text_style , But for some reason i dont see the script trigger work from filemaker end. this happen only i send the command from web. but i f i do the same task from filemaker script trigger works.

      Using this link you can download the screen cast. http://hotfile.com/dl/119557916/c7c82c3/to_filemaker.swf.html

      any ideas, Thanks in advance


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          Script triggers do not work on the web. The only way you can trip a script trigger is to perform a different script. If that script encounters a trigger, the trigger will then fire.

          Thus, if you click a button and the script it performs includes "go to field". An on object trigger on that field will fire when you click the button to perform the script, but if you just tab or click into the field on you web browser, the trigger will not fire.