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FileMaker Password conversion FMP5 to FMP8 or 11

Question asked by arleyburkman on Apr 23, 2010
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FileMaker Password conversion FMP5 to FMP8 or 11


In FileMaker 5+6, files with a master password and operator levels did not ask for an account name, just a password. In FileMaker 8 to 11, Those files converted now ask for an account name and password. I am having difficulty converting these files to a usable condition, since I do not understand the account name--password combination. On some files, put the master password in both the account name and password slots works, but on other files it does not.  Leaving the default account name and the inputting the master password never works.  Making the old files have a no-password option before converting works for some files but not all.  I need to get the converted files all usable and reset the previous security levels.  Advice please?