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FileMaker PC Viewer

Question asked by AlanC877 on Jun 19, 2010


FileMaker PC Viewer


Hi All,

I work for a company which has recently decided to transfer all its database needs to filemaker. We have Pro 11 edition and are all novice to intermediate users, I am the most advanced but only started using it about 2 weeks ago!

We employ around 100 people all over the world and we are trying to find the best way for them to access and view, add,edit and find records.

We are using FMTouch for iPhone and iPad so that people can view, make and update records on the go but we were wondering if there is something roughly similar for PC?

We don't want to buy everyone a copy of filemaker as only a small handful of people will actually need to use the advanced filemaker tools. We only need people to be able to view, sort, edit and add records to existing database layouts.

The instant web publishing seemed like a good option but we are really looking for people to also be able to print records neatly. I have also been trying to learn about PHP but I don't really know how it will differ from IWP, what it will look like or how easy it is to use with no prior knowledge. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Is there anything out there that could meet our needs?!