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    Filemaker Power with Bento Playlist



      Filemaker Power with Bento Playlist


      Is there a template or way to do this?

      I want the Bento style of playlist on the left, and a form or list on the right.

      But I want the guts and power of FM, including instant web publishing.


      Thank you 

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          Thank you for your post.


          The quick answer is that there isn't a template that displays FileMaker Pro data in a way like Bento 2.  However, you can design a form to display the tables (libraries) on the left side along with the field names, but the "behind-the-scenes" programming to change between tables, libraries, etc. would probably take a lot of time to accomplish.


          Instant Web Publishing has a standard display form, where the status information is always posted on the left side of the browser.  If you wanted web access to display like Bento, you would need to use Custom Web Publishing (using PHP or XML) which is only available with FileMaker Server product, and I don't think that would justify the cost and time.


          If you need clarification or want any further detail, let me know.



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            Thank you - 

            your answer, as always, was very clear