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Filemaker printing to Ricoh printer with job code

Question asked by phanh on May 21, 2012
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Filemaker printing to Ricoh printer with job code



We have a Filemaker database that printout the login credential when new users complete their registrations. It's been working perfectly. The place decides to implement printing job code to cut down on unauthorized printing. Since then, the same Filemaker script & process does not print anymore. 

We have tested the same database and script to same printer model with and without job code. On the printer with job code, the printer receives the job (flashing data light) but then stop. On the one without the job code, the login credential print out. 

Client: Filemaker Pro 10

Server: Filemaker Server 10

Printer: Ricoh C3001 PostScript 


Has anyone run into similar situation with Filemaker printing to a printer with job code? Any alternative solution?