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Question asked by Erik_1 on Apr 6, 2009
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Filemaker Pro & MySQL




I just recently finished working as a phone salesman and we were using filemaker pro

to keep records of phone numbers, company names etc. I am currently working on a

website for alternate health practitioners. I'm looking into using filemaker pro, but i

have a couple of questions.


- Can i create records with filemaker, such as name/phone number/what they practice/rank etc

and have it stored in a mysql database on my own webserver? This webserver is not on my own

computer but on a shared hosting company.


- If the above is possible, are there are pre-designed query sheets that can be used to yank the

information needed from the mysql database and display it directly on the website?


- In short, i want to be able to add new information from my home computer, have it stored and

viewable directly online for peoples viewing.


With regards,