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FileMaker Pro - Graph Sort Issue

Question asked by CliffordShapland on Jul 23, 2014
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FileMaker Pro - Graph Sort Issue


     I have created a Bar Chart - which summarises a simple count of Weekly Deliveries (Fiscal Week) for a Project which began in August 2013.  The Graph is based on a Summary Count Table entitled "Delivery Week" using two components which are Unstored - brought together from a Date Field entitled "Brought Into ServiceDate" - the two components being 'Week of Fiscal Year" along with the  "Year" from the Brought Into service Date. 

     So that each column gives a Count entitled 'Week 1 2013, Week 2 2013 - etc.

     The Actual Calculation is:  "Week " & WeekOfYearFiscal (Brought Into Service Date;7) & " " & Year (Brought Into Service Date)

     This Table is then used to create the Bar Chart.  

     But - although the Data in the Table is sorted - and displays Week 1, Week 2 etc - the Year is ignored in the Sort - so that Week 29 2014 (the week we are currently in at time of writing) is shown in the Graph - BEFORE - Week 35 2013 (which is the first week in which the new services were delivered (in my project)).

     As we approach Week 35 2014 - this will become a problem - as the Graph will show Week 35 2013 - alongside Week 35 2014 (note It has always been a problem as Deliveries in 2014 - have always been shown before Weeks in 2013) but will really become a Mess when we start to duplicate the Fiscal Weeks)

     What am I missing? - for the Graph to recognise that Weeks in 2013 should be displayed before the Weeks 2014.

     I have attached a snapshot of the Graph - the problem can be seen at Week 53 2013 (which in Fiscal Week Terms was a split week - Part in 2013 - part in 2014 - at the end of the Graph).