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Filemaker Pro 1.x to filemaker pro 10.0

Question asked by merwin10 on Sep 29, 2009
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Filemaker Pro 1.x to filemaker pro 10.0


Ok! The organization that I belong to has been using filemaker pro 1.x for years and it has been usefull and done what needed to be done! Recently the computer that was running the filemaker was upgraded along with the OS. We started with windows 2002 upgraded to windows xp Pro and now we have replaced the computer with 64bit machine running Vista64 pro. Of course the Filemaker 1.x does not run on the 64 bit machine.


So now I find out that the files from filemaker 1.x may not work with filemaker 10.0. Is there some procedure to get the database file to work with Filemaker 10.0 - running under a 64 bit machine with Microsoft Vista 64.


The database has collected data for better than 12 years and is not replacable!


Please Help!


Mike -