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      FileMaker Pro 10 & FileMaker Server 10


      I'm pretty certain I know the answer to this question, and have seen similar ones on the board, but for my sanity's sake I wanted to ask regardless.  I'm building a database for my company right now using the trial version of FileMaker Pro, I already have received the OK to buy the program so we can follow through with the database.  In about 6months to a year however we want to make it accesible to a server so the guys on the floor can enter received and shipped loads from a remote terminal.  My question is if I'm building the database using Pro, when i purchase the server program will I have to import the data, rewrite it all together, or do they work seemlessly together?

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          They work darn near seemlessly. This simple scalability, in my opinion, is one of FMP's major advantages when compared to similar products. (Take a look at what's required, when you need to scale up an MS Access system to SQL Server or a similar product sometime.)


          There are a few details to keep in mind that you can allow for as you design your single user system. Global fields behave differently and it helps to read up on record locking. Record locking is how the server keeps two users from modifying the same record at the same time.


          For more on network hosting your DB. See this knowledgebase article:  KB 2984