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FileMaker Pro 10 - How to run layouts full screen?

Question asked by LeoB on Jan 22, 2010
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FileMaker Pro 10 - How to run layouts full screen?


I'm creating a database that will be used by only 3-4 people and run stand-alone on a PC.  I've been searching the web, this forum, and The Missing Manual for guidance on my question and really can't find anything that applies.  I hope somebody can point me somewhere.


For all users on the PC, I want to set it up that the desktop shortcut (which will be labeled with the name of the database) will take them to the specific file in FP10.  I've got a splashscreen started, and that will lead to a log-in screen, and from there to a new record/edit record/run report screen.


What I want is for the screens to all open fully -- no menus, etc.  However, when somebody with admin privileges logs-in, I want it to open in regular FP10 mode.


How do I get the screens to open fully?  (I know I'll have to adjust pixels based on the actual PC monitor that will be used.)


How do I get the admin log-in then to open in regular FP10?