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    FileMaker Pro 10 - How to run layouts full screen?



      FileMaker Pro 10 - How to run layouts full screen?


      I'm creating a database that will be used by only 3-4 people and run stand-alone on a PC.  I've been searching the web, this forum, and The Missing Manual for guidance on my question and really can't find anything that applies.  I hope somebody can point me somewhere.


      For all users on the PC, I want to set it up that the desktop shortcut (which will be labeled with the name of the database) will take them to the specific file in FP10.  I've got a splashscreen started, and that will lead to a log-in screen, and from there to a new record/edit record/run report screen.


      What I want is for the screens to all open fully -- no menus, etc.  However, when somebody with admin privileges logs-in, I want it to open in regular FP10 mode.


      How do I get the screens to open fully?  (I know I'll have to adjust pixels based on the actual PC monitor that will be used.)


      How do I get the admin log-in then to open in regular FP10?



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          Steve Wright

          Using Developer Tools (in FMP Advanced)

          Specify the options to Enable kiosk mode for non-admin accounts


          This will give you a kiosk mode when opening the solution with the 'guest' account

          Im assuming the login screen your talking about is a self made one.


          If an administrator logs in, you can then use the script step 'Re-Login'  to change from the filemaker guest account, to an admin account.  Or by holding SHIFT whilst opening the solution.



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            Well, when I compared FMP 10 and FMP 10 Advanced this was not one of the differences that was pointed on on the FM website.


            Thanks for the offer -- but I just ordered Advanced.  That should fix it, until I manage to get myself boxed in a corner again.


            The log-in screen I formatted (but have not yet tested) would just take the user to standard log-in, but I wanted to have options for three categories of users.  One would be just "User" and only allow inputting new records and modifying existing records (I still haven't figured out how I might control allowing the user to only modify records the user created) as well as viewing reports.  The next category would be "manager," and that would give the authority to input and modify records as well as delete records (I'm also trying to figure out a way that the manager could "approve" records by having an "Approved" field that only the manager can modify.  Finally, there would be administrator with full rights to everything.  Is there a better log-in screen option in Advanced?