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FileMaker Pro 10 - Send Mail Script with SMTP Server

Question asked by Natenezz12 on Jan 9, 2010
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FileMaker Pro 10 - Send Mail Script with SMTP Server


Good Day All,


I am having some difficulty using the send mail script found in script maker in Filemaker Pro 10. I am using snow leopard mac os x.

I want to be able to run the script in instant web publishing.


Test A: My google Gmail account

I setup my gmail account and leave out the name field under the smtp server settings within the send mail script. I use the SSL port and complete the authentication section.


Results: I can send mail from filemaker 10 client, I can also send from IWP.


Test B: My company Microsoft Exchange Server

I setup my exchange account information in the smtp server settings as done before with my gmail google account.

We don't use SSL with our server just TLS, I believe.

I test out all the smtp ports 25, 465, 587 (this 587 one fails)

I complete the authentication data fields as normal. 


Results: I can send mail from Filemaker 10 client with the script, but I CANNOT send from IWP.

I try toggling everything, leaving some fields blank, changing ports, trying SSL check box. But no matter what happens I cannot get the script to function within the IWP web browser. 


Does anyone have any advice regarding this issue? Is it my email server? Do you know if SSL is the only way to get it to work? Do I need port 80 to my smtp port since the request is sent via web browser?


Thanks in advance,