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FileMaker Pro 10 Causing Problems in Windows XP

Question asked by ScottNunweiler on Mar 2, 2011
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FileMaker Pro 10 Causing Problems in Windows XP



I have a user at my site that is using FileMaker Pro 10 on his Windows XP SP3 workstation.  We share the files between mutiple computers.  Recently he has started experiencing problems with slowness on his machine.  The problem was originally discovered because he was having problems opening email attachments and downloading documents from web pages and opening them.  When I was trying to debug the program I even had slowness pressing ctrl-alt-del and opening the task manager.  As soon as I closed FileMaker Pro the problem went away. 

Right now he only has FileMaker open when he is working on it, and then closes it.  The only thing I can see that has changed recently is I upgraded the other laptop connecting to the system to Windows 7 (still using FileMaker Pro 10).  I don't think that is the problem because he still has issues when the other laptop is off or not connected. 

Has anyone else experienced issues like this?  I did a search and couldn't find anything.  Thanks in advance.