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    FileMaker Pro 10 Causing Problems in Windows XP



      FileMaker Pro 10 Causing Problems in Windows XP



      I have a user at my site that is using FileMaker Pro 10 on his Windows XP SP3 workstation.  We share the files between mutiple computers.  Recently he has started experiencing problems with slowness on his machine.  The problem was originally discovered because he was having problems opening email attachments and downloading documents from web pages and opening them.  When I was trying to debug the program I even had slowness pressing ctrl-alt-del and opening the task manager.  As soon as I closed FileMaker Pro the problem went away. 

      Right now he only has FileMaker open when he is working on it, and then closes it.  The only thing I can see that has changed recently is I upgraded the other laptop connecting to the system to Windows 7 (still using FileMaker Pro 10).  I don't think that is the problem because he still has issues when the other laptop is off or not connected. 

      Has anyone else experienced issues like this?  I did a search and couldn't find anything.  Thanks in advance.

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          Scott Nunweiler:

          Thanks for posting!

          What exactly is the memory usage of FileMaker when it's experiencing this issue? CPU Usage?

          How much memory do you have? What's the speed of the CPU?

          Do you get this issue when working in a completely different database?


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            Hello TSBear,

            To answer your questions: The computer is a Dell E6400 with 2GB of RAM and 2.53 GHz CPU.  The problem is not database specific.

            After recreating the problem I discovered some interesting things:  I was able to recreate the problem by having Windows Explorer and FileMaker Pro open at the same time.  For some reason when both are open it is causing problems and preventing anything from opening (Adobe attachment from an email for example).  The following error is in the event log: Application popup: AcroMissingCompWClass: AcroRd32.exe - Application Error. 

            I was able to get the computer to work correctly by closing either FileMaker or Windows Explorer.  I hope this information helps explain more.

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              Scott Nunweiler:

              Do you reliably get this message in the event log whenever you experience this issue? If so, you may want to try uninstalling Adobe Reader completely as a test.

              It also might be a good idea to create a new local administrator account and see if the issue is reproducible there.


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                It wasn't just Adobe Reader that was generating this error.  I got a similar error when I tried opening the Task Manager.  This was only after FileMaker had an issue that made the rest of the computer unresponsive.  After I was finally able to close FileMaker Adobe and all other programs opened fine.

                I will try the local administrator account tomorrow and let you know the results.



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                  This has happened on two machines here where I work. The key symptom is either the inability to open a window or the window opens, but objects in the window are missing. The cure is fairly easy: uninstall and reinstall FileMaker 10 and the problem show go away for a while. My theory here is that the more windows/dialogs opened and closed over time seems to trigger some kind of problem that builds and worsens slowly over time. System where you use FileMaker to open and close a lot of windows/dialogs (such as a development platform) seem to develop this issue much sooner than a machine where only a few windows are opened, closed each day. That's just a suspicion based on very limited data, but it fits what we've encountered here.

                  I've posted an Issue Report for this:  FileMaker 10 appears to corrupt Windows XP window management

                  If you want to add your observations to mine.