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Filemaker Pro 10 crashing in dual monitor mode.

Question asked by lilerob on Apr 6, 2010


Filemaker Pro 10 crashing in dual monitor mode.




   I recently upgraded to FM Pro 10.   I have used FM for over 10 years previously using versions 5 & 7.   Prior to my upgrade I was running 7 in dual monitor mode.   I am running W XP with 2 G's  of RAM.   I have a 30" Apple cinema monitor as my primary display and and HP 2335 23" as my secondary.   I have 2 Nvidia 9800 GTX cards with an SLI bridge


When I try to run FM 10 in a dual monitor mode (I've tried extended desktop and independently configured displays ) it appears to open normally but quickly locks up, is unresponsive and has to be closed.   When I run my primary monitor alone in SLI mode  everything works normally.    I really need both monitors because I have up to 5 seperate databases open at a time.


                                                                                               Thanks,  Robert