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Filemaker Pro 10 experiencing 'unepected error' when exporting.

Question asked by DarrenBand on Jun 15, 2011
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Filemaker Pro 10 experiencing 'unepected error' when exporting.


Good afternoon. I'm an IT Technician for Fife Council and have two users who use Filemaker Pro 10. Both of them intermittently have a problem when selecting File > Export, selecting the location to save and clickin continue...Filemaker then crashes and displays error saying it's encountered an unexpected error and asking to send error report. The software has been reinstalled a couple of times and it will look like its fixed for maybe a few days, and then happens again. They used an older version of the software previously before they got version 10 and never had any problems. Does anyone know if this is a known fault with the software or anything that could be causing it?


Darren Band