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Filemaker Pro 10 IWP Clicking on Table

Question asked by meteodave on Jul 23, 2009
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Filemaker Pro 10 IWP Clicking on Table


I am converting databases from FMP6 Unlimited to FMP10 Advanced and will run them on the FM Pro 10 Server. 


In FMP6 IWP, when a row is selected in a table, a form will automatically appear for this record (1 - click solution).  


By default FMP10 IWP will make the table editable.  I found that restricting input into the table layout fields will restrict the table row from becoming editable and select the desired record.  However, I must switch to the form layout and edit the full record.  My customers do not want to have any extra clicks and need the similar FMP6 IWP functionality described above.


Does anyone know the setting or script steps to enable the FMP 6 IWP functionality?  FMP6 only required one click and now FMP10 appears to require two mouse clicks to access the record form.


Thank you in advance for your help.