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Filemaker Pro 10v3 Bottom Status Bar

Question asked by JLG on Dec 3, 2009
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Filemaker Pro 10v3 Bottom Status Bar


I am not sure if something changed, or if I just never noticed, but for some reason I am getting a status bar at the bottom window.  The part I don't understand is it only shows up on some computers.  I have Filemaker Pro 10v3 running on 3 computers, with Filemaker Advanced 10v3 on two of them.  One is running my database shared and the Status Tool Bar is hidden and locked since I have buttons / custom menus for the users.  I use the Advance copy for designing the database and use the Pro copy to run it for the users.  I can run all 3 computers with Pro, 1 sharing the database and the other two accessing it with the status bar only showing up on the two accessing.  Tried swapping things around and the same two show the bottom status bar.  Since I designed the database not having that extra bar at the bottom, it is hiding some of my graphics.  How do I get rid of it?  Also, running WinXP sp3 on all computers.


Thanks for any assistance.