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    FileMaker Pro 11



      FileMaker Pro 11


      Good evening forum members. 

      I'm hoping that this will be the solution for me. 

      In my current role I'm employed to undertake audits and inspections in a number of different workplaces with retail and construction for an example.

      At present I've purchased an iPad to take note whilst on-site using the notes application but the problem with this is I sill have to type up the reports once I arrive home.

      I work throughout the Uk so the travel takes up 80% of my time with 10% on site and the other 10% responding to Emails etc this resutling in no time to write up my reports ending in me falling behind or working in my own time at evenings and/or weekends. 

      This has been going on for ages now and I'm expecting a child in April so I need to put measures in place to complete my work whilst on site. 

      I've been searching for an application to enable me to collect the data but there doesn't seem to be a suitable solution that is at a reasonable cost for my company to implement. 

      Please see detailed below what I require and I would be grateful if you could advise if FileMaker Pro 11 will help me. 


      I need to be able to use a mobile device preferably my iPad. 

      I need to be able to create dynamic forms that I will be abld to complete whilst mobile. 

      Data Fields: 




      Date and Time,


      Radio Buttons,

      Check Box,


      Description Area

      File Upload - Picture using the camera on the iPad

      Drop Down List


      I need to be able to have show/hide function using the information entered by using the questions.

      For example

      Q1, Is there a fire alarm?

      A1, Yes there is a fire alarm installed. (ahow questions Q1.1, Q1.2 etc)

      A2, No. (Keep hidden) user completes Q2.

      If at the start of the audit/inspection 

      User Interface / Menus 

      I would like to be able to buld the form so there is sections down the left of the page to allow me to skip to the relevant sections. 

      For example if I was walking around the a workplace and I came across a fire door that requires repair I would like to be able to jump to the fire section and then to fire doors - add new fire door give it a reference, take a picture using the device and then pick from a list or checkbox the issues with the door and then add it to an action place.

      Once complete continue with the rest of the audit/inspection. 


      I would really hope that this software has the ability to undertake the actions I require above because I'm really getting worried that I'm not going to be able to complete all of my work. 

      There are a number of other functions that I need but the ones detailed are the main ones I require. 

      I've found an iPad application that is kind of what I require but it's for inspection of houses etc and not for the types of inspection that I need to undertake.  

      The application is free and you can see where I'm coming from on the webpage below:



      I look forward to your reply. 


      Best Regards 



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          Date Fields:

          No problems there. FileMaker can support all of those options.


          This can be done. Sounds much like a survey system where the answer to question 1 determines what question to present as question 2.

          User Interface / Menus 

          I would like to be able to buld the form so there is sections down the left of the page to allow me to skip to the relevant sections.

          Depending on the full design of your layout and data tables, this should be possible by using either a portal or a vertical column of buttons if the rest of your layout is set up with "view as form".

          The real question you'll have to answer for yourself is not whether FileMaker can do this, but can YOU use FileMaker to create this solution. You can download the free 30 day trial copy of FileMaker Pro to see what it is like. (Solutions must be created on a computer using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Pro Advanced and then transferred to the iPad for use with FileMaker Go.) There are also training materials and tutorials you can investigate.