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FileMaker Pro 11

Question asked by miltosm on Jul 17, 2011
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FileMaker Pro 11 & FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced license question...


Hi there...

My question might sound silly but I have this procedure in my mind. I have a FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced license and I will create a solution for a customer. My customer will upload the solution to his iPad using FileMaker Go. In order to make possible to update the solution without my help, I will create 2 buttons and build scripts that will import records from SQL Server. Then, my customer will run his FileMaker Pro 11, open my solution, execute the scripts and send the updated solution to the iPad via email.

My question is this. Is the customer able to do this with his license? Can I open the solution on my customer 's computer and for example modify a script if I need to?

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