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    Filemaker Pro 11 - Keyboard Data Entry Delay



      Filemaker Pro 11 - Keyboard Data Entry Delay


      My Operating System is Windows XP Professional 2002 Service Pack 3. My hard disk is Intel (R), Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2,80 GHz, 2.80 GHz, 2.49 GB of Ram.

      I just purchased Filemaker Pro 11. I have downloaded and installed this software, but cannot use it because when I attempt to do data entry, the keyboard responds very slowly (usually a 5-10 second delay after each key stroke).

      I am not having this problem with any other software programs. I should also mention that I still have Filemaker Pro 8.5 installed and it works fine.

      Please advise what the problem may be and what the fix is.

      Thank You!

      Victor Naleski

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          Is FileMaker the only application you have open at the time?

          Do you have just one FileMaker file open or several?

          I've seen this on my machine but it appears to be only when I have a lot of stuff open--including a hosted FileMaker file that is frequently and constantly receiving new data. It seems to be a case of FileMaker continually trying to update a background window when other users commit their changes/new records. If I close out some files, the issue goes away.

          I've also seen a case where a second application was fighting with FileMaker for system resources. If you have more than one application running, open windows task manager and check memory and CPU percentages to see if any one application is hogging your system resources.