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    Filemaker Pro 11 - Webviewer Input



      Filemaker Pro 11 - Webviewer Input


           I work with a bigger database (17 tables, several thousand records). It is distributed over a FM11-Server.

           I want to put data by a script from fields of the db into the correct field (there were several) in a web-site, displayed in the Webviewer and start there the search (button). I want to find email addresses and phone numbers automatically from our own phonebook-web-site and fill the found data into the fields in the db.

           Copy-past manually works.

           Is there any possibility?

           Thanks for help


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               It depends on the API of your web-site. Take a look at how you can pop up a map to an address in a database from google maps. The web viewer is loaded with data from the current record in the database to provide it with the data needed to look up a speciific map. The same might be possible with your web-site, but only if its API supports it and the API will determine the syntax you need to use to get this to work.