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    FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced – Installation/Deployment/Licensing questions



      FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced – Installation/Deployment/Licensing questions



      As per the title, I have a few questions in this regard for the company I am  contracted to that wishes to have an FMP solution (first of many, I hope :) )

      This is what I am envisioning, based upon my understanding of FMP Adv. :

      - purchase one copy of FMP 11 Adv. to create a standalone app for their  requirement

      - this copy of FMP 11 Adv. will be on one local development machine only to  create this “application”

      - the resultant FMP 11 Adv. “application” will then be installed on up to the  max. of 10 other machines, with a single .fp7 on a shared network drive that all  10 can access

      … or…

      - is it that there would be only the developed “application.fp7” file that  would be on the shared network drive and that up to the max. of 10 concurrent  users could access this without having any version of FMP installed upon their  machine

      … or …

      - am I totally mixed up (quite possibly :) ) as to what and how to go about  this in the most cost-conscious manner :)

      I’m not new to FMP having used it since literally day one on the Mac, but  have been away from it since 5.0 and have never attempted a network or Advanced  “standalone” installation. Any suggestions, clarifications, assistance will be  tremendously appreciated.


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          You have two options here:

          Install a copy of FileMaker Pro (no need for advanced except for users that will actually design the database) on every client machine or use web publishing (either custom web publishing or instant web publishing ) with FileMaker Server (custom), FileMaker Server Advanced (Instant) or a hosting service that does this for you.

          Putting a FileMaker database file on a shared drive is dangerous. Two or more users attempting to open the file at the same time can corrupt the file. The file should be placed on an Unshared drive and a copy of FileMaker or FileMaker Server installed on this same machine should be used to open and host the file for others to access it.