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    Filemaker Pro 11 and Bento 3



      Filemaker Pro 11 and Bento 3


      Is there a sync function between these products to manage contact databases?


      Is there a way of linking Filemaker Pro 11 with the address book on Mac Snow Leopard?



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          You can import Bento 3 data into FileMaker Pro but there is no sync function.  

          There is a third-party application, FmPro Migrator, that will convert Bento data, libraries, and forms to FileMaker Pro.


          There is a third-party plug-in for FileMaker Pro, Address Book Manipulator, that will link to your Mac's address book

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            How about in the other direction?  Filemaker to Bento.  I posted this in the Bento forum at it was suggested I post it here:


            This is a major shot in the dark.  I'm a grad student in a database management class. We are using Oracle to learn SQL and various DBMS concepts.  For a final project, we need to develop a small database app (3-4 tables, some SQL queries, reports, triggers, etc.).  The topic can be anything so most of us are picking relatively simple personal applications such as auto maintenance records, sports club management, wine cellar management, etc.


            Bento isn't going to cut it with the teacher since the SQL isn't exposed (if it is even in there) but I'd like to build an app that I can actually use on my iPad and sync to my Macs.


            I wondering if I used the trial version of Filemaker for this project, would I somehow be able to port that to Bento so my work on this project wouldn't be wasted?  (I afraid I can guess the answer but I'll ask anyway.)



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              You might look at FMTouch for iPad integration