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    FileMaker Pro 11 Best Practices



      FileMaker Pro 11 Best Practices


      I'm new to supporting FileMaker Pro installations and would like to know if it's recommended that removal of previous installations be done  before installing a new version, i.e. going from FileMaker Pro 10 to 11.  These will all be client installations.  I am finding computers with installations of FileMaker Pro going back 4 versions and want to be sure it's best practice to remove them before installing version 11.



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          I have FileMaker 5.5, 10 and 11 on this machine and haven't had any problems. Since these are client machines, I'd probably uninstall all unused versions just to make sure that the user doesn't accidentally use the wrong version and then come to me complaining that a filtered portal (filemaker 11 only feature) or something is no longer working.