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Filemaker Pro 11 Cloning

Question asked by JAM on Oct 28, 2010
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Filemaker Pro 11 Cloning



I am using the Invoice Starter Solution (with some of my own adjustments) for Filemaker Pro 11 and I have a question on cloning.

What I would like to do is have separate databases for new years (a 2010 database, a 2011 database, and so on), while still utilizing the same template.  

The issue is, I would like to KEEP (or import) the customer and product information from one year to the next, but start each year with no data in the invoices.  (So, my customers and products don't change from year to year, but the individual invoices do.)

If I try to make a clone of the database, it wipes out all the information.  

So, is there a way to clone part of a database?  Or, is there a way to import just the customer and product information?

Thanks to anyone who might be able to help!  It is very much appreciated!!