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Filemaker Pro 11 Medical database Letme

Question asked by RuiIsidroFalacho on May 2, 2010
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Filemaker Pro 11 Medical database Letme


Hi guys, i am using FMP 11 for mac and i am a total noob at it =(

I am a college teacher (med school) and i need to complete a database until the end of this week.

The problem is that i can't seem to figure out how to code some of the functions. I tried reading everything i found but i still couldn't do it . So i beg for your help plz :(

Le te explain what i am doing. I grabbed one of the templates from FM "Family Medical Records" and i am trying to mod it =(. The aim of the database is the following. Our students are divided by years and in those years by groups of 2 students. Each group works together when seeing patients and each patient is connected to one of the students but the other one helps. The groups consult several patients. The objective of the database is to follow those patients appointments, register the followup consults (so that the students don't forget to follow the patients), see when the next appointment is and know which student is consulting which patient etc etc etc...

I will put a SS of the few i have done.... here it is:


Let me explain it... The field "Ano de Curso" is the students grade. "Ano lectivo" is the school year. "Groupo" is Group and "nome do aluno" is the name of the student.

It should be like this: I would select for example year 10/11, then 5th grade... then Group 1 and then when i click "name of the student", the 2 names of students that are in the group 1 of that year and grade would appear in the dropdown list so that i could select one.

After selecting the student, the teacher would be able to fill the "Paciente/Patient" field with the name of the patient that the student is consulting and the date.

After that, it would be possible to click the patient name and go to a subpage where there would be a summary of all the appointments the patient had and all the treatments made etc etc etc...


Do you think this would be possible? I know i am a noob =( i am sory for that =( this is something i really have to do until the 5th May =(

I beg you guys for some help...

I am sure my explanation was somehow confusing and without the correct FM language... if any of you could add me to a online chat so that i could explain everything and get some help, i would be eternally grateful.

Thank you a lot for your time and help.


Rui Isidro