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FileMaker Pro 11 not keeping up with AppleScript

Question asked by panders13 on Apr 1, 2010
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FileMaker Pro 11 not keeping up with AppleScript


I have an AppleScript that worked fine with FM Pro 10, but since I upgraded to FM Pro 11, it fails. The following example is a small portion of the script, but it fails consistently too.


tell application "FileMaker Pro"

go to layout "Layout1"

do menu menu item "Show All Records" of menu "Records"

end tell


The "do menu" step fails with error: "Data is being accessed by another user, script, or transaction." (number -10011), which indicates to me that FM Pro is still performing the "go to layout" command when the "do menu" command is sent. I can add the following line as the first command:


go to layout "Layout2"


and the same error occurs, but now on the "go to layout "Layout1"" step. Immediately running the script again (with Layout2 already displayed) causes it to fail on the "do menu" step again.


This error occurs several other places in my whole AppleScript, apparently whenever it involves changing the layout and immediately trying to perform another step.


Does anyone know if this is an intended change in FM Pro 11, or a bug? Any suggestions for fixing or working around the problem? Right now I just have to re-run portions of the script to get my final results.


Is there any way for an AppleScript to know when FM Pro is finished with a command?


I am running on a Mac Pro with OS 10.6.2.