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    FileMaker Pro 11 Not Totally Lion Compatible?


      FileMaker Pro 11 Not Totally Lion Compatible?



      I just tried to save a database in Excel (2004, xls) format, but I got an error from FMP Pro 11 that it couldn't save the file since "Rosetta" isn't available in this version of the Mac OS.

      That's correct, Lion, the current version of the Mac OS no longer has Rosetta.

      Isn't FMP Lion compatiable with its features?

      So, my question is whether FMP Pro 11 is really Lion compatiable in other areas as well.

      Will there be an update to FMP that fixes this Lion compatibility problem? I haven't noticed any other areas so far where there are copmatibility problems, but I've only been using FMP for about a week.


      -- m