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    Filemaker Pro 11 Open Remote Extremely Slow



      Filemaker Pro 11 Open Remote Extremely Slow


      Hi there:


      I'm close to finishing development of a dual platform solution hosted by Filemaker Server 11 (FMAPP & IWP).  The solution is being hosted on a client's "virtual server".

      The open remote option has slowed down to a dead crawl.  It's actually taking more than 2 full minutes to open.  In IWP and when the file is removed from the server and opened locally, the solution opens between 4-6 seconds.

      Can you shed some light on this issue?  I've never seen anything like it before.  I've asked them to look into port congestion, but there aren't many apps running on our little slice of the server.

      FYI - there is only one simple script that runs when the solution opens.  It's a script that identifies the user by a predefined category and then routes them to a personalized main menu.

      Please help!


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          Is this solution all in one file or does it consist of multiple files that open during launch? If it's a multiple file solution, open the files and check Manage | External Data Sourcess... for possible problems.

          References with asterisks * in them and invalid IP address references followed by references that are valid will slow the opening process to a crawl...

          If that's not the problem and you have filemaker advanced, you might try enabling the script debugger first and then opening the file remotely to see if any part of your on file open script isn't performing as expected.

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            Hi there:

            Yes, it's all in one file unfortunately.  I build mostly desktop solutions, but in this case the client was dead set on broadcasting the entire module with IWP as well. 

            All of the external data sources are valid.  I was wondering if it was network related.  Why would it take longer to execute using open remote and perform at regular speed when using iwp and or opening the file locally?

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              Don't really know. If you have FileMaker Advanced, you might try this test to see if it provides any clues:

              Launch FileMaker Advanced without opening any files.

              Enable the script debugger.

              Now use Open Remote to open the file and watch the "on File Open" script perform in the debugger and see if you can associate any parts of that script with the delay.