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Filemaker Pro 11 runtime on Maverick (10.9.4)

Question asked by dzittin on Sep 2, 2014
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Filemaker Pro 11 runtime on Maverick (10.9.4)



I upgraded my Macbook Pro to 10.9.4.

I initially create a runtime in user->shared and it works fine. As a matter of course, I copy the runtime to dropbox to acquire back up services. The user->shared version is for testing purposes when updates are done and I usually delete it after the dropbox copy proves to be ok.

After the Maverick upgrade, the user->shared version works, but the drop box version does not. When I run the dropbox version I get menus, but they are not the custom menus I set up. Also, a panel with buttons should appear, but it does not. I have checked all permissions on files to make sure I had read/write access and all is good (after some r/w mods). Still, no dice. 

Has anyone see this kind of behavior? Why problems on dropbox only? Do I need to re-compile the runtime on Maverick to fix this or are the runtimes produced by FM 11 Pro out of luck on this OS?